Mr. Bowie

69 at €100 – Profits going to help the homeless.

…Just for one day.

“David Bowie, what an artist, what an inspiration. Grew up listening to his genius. I was fortunate to meet him very briefly at the Quadraphonic night in Dublin years ago. As I listened to his music after he passed away, and read about his humanitarian work & charity support, I wanted to do something in memory. David Bowie supported multiple human rights causes, so that should be where this project helps.

What an inspiration the guys at Home Sweet Home are, this campaign has done more in such a short time than our excuse of a government have done in the last few years . I am so inspired by the actions that have been taken. We are hearing stories daily about families needlessly suffering. This initiative is helping people in Ireland actually deal with the epidemic of homelessness that we are experiencing. This print seemed like a good way to do something small to try and help. Thanks in advance guys, and a huge thank you to the guys at Inspirational Arts for helping out on this project.

– Morgan.”


Super Strictly Limited

Edition of 69 (Tribute)

40x56cm on Hahnemuhle 308gsm Fine Art Paper.
Signed, Embossed & Numbered.
Never Repeated.

Huge thanks to the guys who we have teamed up with to produce this.